Dedicated home for senior dogs and cats!

Watson's Senior Pet Supplies is committed
to providing products and resources that
improve the quality of life for aging pets
and their people.


Watson's Senior Pet Supplies grew from the love between a man and his dog, and is dedicated to extending the quality of life of our beloved pets. Every dog is incredibly important. It doesn't matter how young or old any dog is, age doesn't determine the amount of love we share to our pets and often the extension of our family.

We are committed to bringing dog products that contribute to a healthy life that every dog is entitled to.

Our pets age and get elderly the same as any other family member and that is why we bring pet supplies to aid in that loved one's life. It doesn't matter if your dog has difficulty walking, traveling, has arthritis, joint problems, decreased activity or comfort. We bring successful pet products and dog supplies to increase the quality of life your dog can and will experience.


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